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So, it’s Saturday and you are looking at homes, you see a home that was been built 20 years ago and you stumble across a brand new home that is currently under construction. It’s hard to visualize what this home will look like and I am sure you have a million questions about how the buying process works for both homes.

The answer to the above question… YES! I strongly recommend partnering with a REALTOR who specializes in new construction. Even if you don’t buy a home that is new construction the power of knowledge to be able to speak to both resale and new construction is going to benefit you tremendously!

If you are interested in buying new construction, here are the top 5 reasons why you will benefit from partnering with me, Jordyn Jones, to help you through this exciting and unique process of purchasing a brand new home!

#1 Educated about the Construction Process.

While watching your home being built from the ground up there are bound to be questions that arise! Questions like:

  • What type of material goes between two homes that are attached?
  • Why does the builder use fans before insulating and sheet rocking?
  • How long will I be waiting for my home to be built?

The list goes on. Having a Realtor who knows the construction process can walk you through every step. This will make you feel more at ease and excited about your new home.

#2 Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork, Baby!

Having someone on your team that is working every minute to make sure you get exactly what you need and want in your home will only result in a happy ending! My commitment to you as your Realtor is to be loyal, honest, and provide you with information so you can make the best decision for you! Together we will make the perfect team to ensure a smooth and stress free transaction!

#3 Past Experience with New Construction.

I have been in the New Construction world for about 4 years now! I pride myself in keeping up with where current builders are creating communities and which community will best fit your lifestyle. I can show you each builders uniqueness and help you narrow which type of new construction you want.

#4 No Matter The Location, We Will Find New Construction!

From Hillsboro to Gresham and Salem to the Portland Airport, there are new homes being built everywhere. You can live in your dream neighborhood and city in your dream home! I am licensed in Oregon and can help you find a home anywhere in the state! Thinking Vancouver or Camas is a better fit? No problem! I can help you find a licensed agent in Washington who is trusted and will give you just as amazing customer service as I.

#5 Master At Negotiating

Each builder operates differently. Some will let you negotiate and upgrade items, some will not. Knowing how custom each builder is will be at advantage to you when putting in an offer. As your agent, I want every single one of my buyers to get the best home for the lowest cost… or in some cases the best home with all the bells and whistles. I will listen and negotiate for you to make sure that all of your needed items are met and that we get them for the best price!

Buying a home is a huge step! It is a lot of money and it can be stressful. Working with clients it is my goal to eliminate all of the stress and make sure you know what is happening every step of the way.

The experience I give my clients is one they cannot get elsewhere. Yes, there are about 13,000 real estate agents in the Portland Area. All 13,000 can write a contract and do the logistical work for you. What I bring is beyond what a typical real estate transaction or agent will bring. I bring stability, honesty, confidence, calmness and knowledge. The process I have put in place and the amount I invest in my clients is what makes me different as a Realtor. Buying a home is a major step and I hope I can be your number one supporter and make sure you enjoy and love the entire process.

For more information on purchasing a home, selling your home, homeownership resources, the current real estate market and more… connect with Jordyn Jones!

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