Can I get a home warranty on an older home?

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You found the perfect cottage on the east side of Portland. Just under 1,500 square feet, charming details every where you look, built-in cabinets in the hallway with custom pulls and nobs. The door ways are arched, original hardwood floor that has recently been re-finished, crown molding that has been painted white, claw foot soaking tub, 1920s light fixtures complete the vibe of the home. You are madly in love and then reality start to set it. You knew it before… but now you are seeing it very clear… it was built in 1917 and you start to panic. That is over 100 years old. You start to image everything and anything that could go wrong in a 100 year old home.

First, take a deep breath. The home is still standing right? Over the last 100 years if the homes looks to be in good shape and you are working with a Realtor who is looking for structrual red flags when touring then chances are it is still a great investment and has been well taken care of over the last 100 years. Of course, make sure to get a home inspection and check all the bones of the house (foundation, roof, and other structural elements) us Realtors are not experts in construction and not licensed contractors so we want to make sure to get the right team of professionals out there.

Here is something even better! You CAN get a home warranty on just about any home (single family detached, townhome or condo)! Each warranty company may be different with their regulation but most can offer 1-2 year home warranties! Then you just renew your warranty once it is about to expire. 

There are some amazing benefits of having a home warranty when you buy a home (brand new construction or an older home). The home warranty I am most familiar with covers the following elements to your home:

  • Hot water heater (Tankless and Tank)
  • Plumbing
  • Furnace
  • Air conditioning
  • Garage door opener
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Oven
  • Built in Microwave
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Washer and dryer
  • Plumbing pipe leaks or breaks
  • Toilet bowl, tank, flange, wax ring, and assembly parks
  • Permanently installed sump pumps used for ground water
  • Valves, 
  • Interior and Exterior hose bibbs
  • Electrical wiring
  • Switches, outlets and panels
  • Central vacuum 
  • Doorbell system
  • Attic and exhaust fans

And seriously the list can go on and on… I would be here for hours telling you everything it covers!

There are additional add-ons that can be considered if your home has multiple refrigerators, pool or spa (saltwater and freshwater), septic system, well pump and more. 

Having a home warranty coverage like this can give you peace of mind when buying a home. If something in the home starts to fail, it will not break the bank. Most home warranty companies charge a service fee to come out to the home to evaluate the situation. Then they will cover all repairs! It is nice to know that you will not be out thousands of dollars… only the service fee!! From my experience – the service fee can be any where from $75-$150 depending on the company and what is covered in your home warranty plan.

With all of this in mind, buying a home that was built in 1917 starts to seem not so scary. As long as the bones are good, the rest can definitely be managed. Now, not ever buyer is ready to buy a 100 year old home, and that is ok! You have to do what is within your comfort zone.

Of course, if you have questions on getting a home warranty for your home let me know! I would love to send you a few recommendations to research! 

Your favorite Realtor,

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